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More Effective Healthcare Starts with Advances in Medical Technology

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Digitimer D440-4 amplifier/filter

Healthcare professionals agree that today’s best technologies strike a balance between

reducing the overall cost of medical care and increasing safety and survival rates. Here

at Digitimer, we outline five emerging technologies designed to deliver better patient


1. AI and Machine Learning: These offer new anWewad better ways to identify disease,

diagnose conditions, crowdsource and develop treatment plans, monitor health

epidemics, and create efficiencies in medical research and clinical trials.

2. Robotics: These already help doctors examine and treat patients in rural areas via

“telemedicine,” transporting medical supplies, disinfecting hospital rooms, helping

patients with rehabilitation or with prosthetics, and automating labs and packaging

medical devices. Other medical robots that are promising include a micro-bot that can

target therapy to a specific part of the body, such as radiation to a tumor or clear

bacterial infections.

3. Wearable Tech: Today's smartwatches can not only track your steps but can monitor

your heart rhythms. Other forms of wearable devices are ECG monitors that can detect

atrial fibrillation and send reports to your doctor, blood pressure monitors, self-adhesive

biosensor patches that track your temperature, heart rate, and more.

4. Genomics: Genomic info is used to determine personalized treatment plans and

clinical care. Computers make the analysis of genes and gene mutations that cause

medical conditions much quicker. This helps the medical community better understand

how diseases occur, but also how to treat the condition or even eradicate it.

5. 3D Printing: Just as it's done for other industries, 3D printing enables prototyping,

customization, research, and manufacturing for healthcare. Surgeons can replicate

patient-specific organs to help prepare for procedures, and many medical devices and

surgical tools can be 3D printed.

Digitimer has a long history of designing and manufacturing quality medical and

laboratory scientific instruments, including biological amplifiers and electrical

stimulators and amplifiers. Digitimer North America is equipped to handle prompt

delivery of all our products, while providing a high level of customer service and

support. For more information, give us a call today - (954) 334-1070

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