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Introducing the new D400 from Digitimer

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Digiitimer D400 Mains Noise Eliminator

Digitimer has introduced a new electrophysiology 50/60Hz mains noise eliminator the D400.

Is 50/60 cycle mains noise interference slowing your electrophysiology research down? Can you rely on your research data? Is it accurate enough? Will your results be acceptable? These are questions that are often asked when carrying out in vivo or in vitro electrophysiological studies using extracellular or intracellular recording techniques, or starting a new lab for research experimentation.

There are solutions to this problem. None of them are particularly elegant. But, often times, the ultimate solution of absolutely no 50/60 cycle mains noise/interference is elusive (maybe due to the electrical properties in an older building) or inconvenient (not able to move to a new lab location that may or may not have better 50/60Hz mains noise interference). This can certainly be frustrating to say the least.

Digitimer can help. We’ve introduced the D400 mains noise eliminator. The D400 is NOT a filter. It’s a multi-channel device designed for the real time removal of 50/60Hz electrical interference from electrophysiological or analog voltage signals prior to acquisition thus preserving the experimental data/results. The D400 is also effective at removing associated harmonics associated with the 50/60 cycle frequency thus making it an even more robust mains noise eliminator.

The D400 is unique…’s available as a stand-alone two or four channel design. It uses proprietary Digitimer developed algorithms to deliver clean results. Therefore, no special acquisition control or other software is necessary. Mains noise removal occurs in real time. Furthermore, the D400 is constantly evolving the mains noise elimination template. Changes in amplitude or other characteristics are corrected for on the fly providing true and accurate data at acquisition. Just as important, the signal pathway throughout the D400 is analog thus preserving data integrity and unlike typical notch filters this method is not detrimental to the signals of interest within the 50-60Hz range.

The new Digitimer D400 is available and ready to give your EP lab a clean upgrade. Demand accurate and mains noise free results. Put your trust in the D400.

About Us

Digitimer North America has been exclusively distributing and supporting Digitimer products for over 30 years. In fact, roots between Digitimer North America and Digitimer products go back more than 50 years to when Medical Systems Corporation (Greenvale, NY) sold and supported the Digitimer NeuroLog and D185 systems and other research-based products both as a distributor and manufacturer. Medical Systems Corporation evolved into MEPs, LLC, a Ft. Lauderdale based distributor of Digitimer products, and, in November of 2016, MEPs officially changed its name to Digitimer North America, LLC. Today, Digitimer North America is equipped to handle prompt delivery of all Digitimer products, provides timely local support, and is proud to have Digitimer products installed and in use in the top research centers, universities, and hospitals in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

If you would like more information, please reach out to Digitimer North America at 954-334-1070, email at


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