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Introducing the NEW D360R-4 from Digitimer


Digitimer is excited to introduce their newest product for human physiological researchers. The D360R-4 is a compact and externally controlled amplifier. It’s design and development has been inspired by the Digitimer's popular and medically certified 8 channel D360 Patient Amplifier. The D360R-4 shares many intelligent features with the D360 but is more versatile and is controlled by a totally new 64-bit compatible Client Software.


The previous 8 channel D360 from Digitimer remains extremely popular and is highly regarded within the clinical and research communities. However, many researchers do not need up to 8 channels or require an amplifier with full medical device certification.  Our Digitimer expert engineers have spent the last two years re-configuring the circuitry in the D360 and have developed completely new firmware as well as software that has resulted in a new amplifier with a reduced number of channels. And, while the D360R-4 may not be medically approved, it is designed to meet the electrical requirements of IEC 60601-1 to ensure complete safety and use in a human research environment.

The D360R-4 preamplifier headstage features 4 pairs of differential inputs, a common input as well as a deblock button.


The D360R-4 consists of a main amplifier unit, a remote pre-amplifier headstage with 4 pairs of differential inputs (plus Common) and dedicated Windows-compatible Client Software.  The software provides a virtual front panel for the adjustment of settings, including low-pass and high-pass filters as well as amplifier gain. And, thoughtfully, the pre-amplifier headstage is attached to the main amplifier via a fully detachable 2m long cable, which is easily replaced if it becomes damaged during use.

As with the D360, the D360R-4 features a gain range of x100 to x3,000,000 and highly flexible filter settings, giving it tremendous versatility in applications as diverse as electromyography (EMG), evoked potential (EP) recordings and electroencephalography (EEG).

The all new Digitimer D360R-4 is highly versatile. And while there will be many different types of researchers and other users with a variety of interests who will benefit by using the D360R-4, there will be keen interest in those making EMG, evoked potential or even low channel number EEG recordings from humans. The following is a list of areas of interest that would be most interested in the D360R-4.

  • Cognitive/Motor Control Neuroscientists

  • TMS labs

  • Rehab

  • Psychologists

  • Kinesiologists/Sport Scientists

  • Clinical Neurophysiologists

  • And other researching interests


For more information please contact Digitimer North America and request more information below:


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