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Pediatric Surgery

In the 1980’s Dr. Alberto Peña pioneered the PSARP (posterior sagittal anorectoplasty) procedure which requires the precise location of the striated muscle structures during the repair of anorectal malformations with the assistance of an electric stimulator. The initial “Peña” stimulator was in use for many years. However, that device no longer produced nor supported and, recently, has been starting to fail. Digitimer’s new DS7AP muscle locating stimulator is the perfect and safe replacement for those old stimulators. The DS7AP is FDA cleared and is in use in over 120 children’s hospitals in the USA and more throughout the world including Dr. Peña's Children’s Hospital of Colorado.



  • FDA Cleared

  • User friendly

  • Effective, safe, and reliable

  • 0 – 100mA with 100V compliance for patient safety

  • Uses disposable sterile probes to enhance efficiency

  • Optional foot switch for complete surgeon control

Digitimer E.DS7AP-DP disposable bipolar stimulation probe


  • Disposable bipolar stimulation probe – no cumbersome and time consuming sterilization necessary

  • Individually sterilized and packaged

  • Sold in boxes of 10

Over 120 USA Hospitals are currently using the Digitimer DS7AP Pediatric Stimulator including: 

Children’s Hospital of Colorado

National Children’s Medical Center

Boston Children’s Hospital

Helen Davos Children’s Medical Center

Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Children’s Hospital of Atlanta

John Muir Children’s Hospital

East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Nemours Children's Hospital

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Children's Minnesota

A.I. Dupont

The Johns Hopkins Hospital 

And many more...

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