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Digitimer DS8R

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

DS8R Bipolar constant current stimulator

The DS8R biphasic constant current stimulator is Digitimer’s latest multi-mode, discrete pulse constant current stimulator for human research. Research studies that involve nerve and muscle stimulation via surface electrodes will benefit from the DS8R’s many advanced features. The DS8R features high compliance voltage (400V) and can be completely programmed by external third party software to deliver stimulus protocol over time such as Matlab, Labjack, and Phython (and others as well). The DS8R can also externally controlled by its included virtual front panel software or be triggered by a TTL compatible input, an external foot/hand switch or even just using the front panel button. Digitimer has a long history of designing and manufacturing high output electronic stimulators and amplifiers that are safely used by both researchers and clinicians in a variety of applications on human subjects. Two, in particular, have also been designed and FDA cleared for use on patients who are undergoing surgery.

The DS8R can deliver

· Both symmetric and asymmetric charged balance Biphasic Constant Current stimuli (adjust interphase stimulation and duration)

· 0 – 1Amp current range with 400V compliance

· 50-2000 microsecond pulse duration

· Includes remote control software

· Includes API for programming custom stimulation protocols

· Includes high frequency “Russian” stimulation capability

The DS8R special edition firmware can also be provided for researchers interested in stimulating at higher frequencies (10kHz) than the standard unit permits. This protocol is inspired by “Russian Stimulation” methods and provides for even greater research capability by expanding stimulation protocol choices.

This DS8R is designed for demanding human research applications and one of Digitimer’s top selling stimulators. The DS8R is suitable and safe for human research and employs built-in safety features to limit stimulation output if desired.

If you are interested in learning more about the DS8R please contact us at 954-334-1070 or email Digitimer North America is the exclusive distributor for this device in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


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