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Digitimer North America Adds Brain Slice Keepers and Chambers to their Product Line

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

brain slice keeper

Fort Lauderdale, FL (July 2022) Digitimer North America takes on new scientific research

products. To complement their line of research stimulus isolators, amplifiers, and other scientific research products Digitimer North America now offers a complete line of free standing Brain Slice Keepers and Brain Slice Chambers designed and manufactured by Scientific Systems Design, Inc. (Mississuaga, Ontario – Canada).

Scientific Systems Design Inc. is involved in the design, development and manufacture of

scientific research instruments for university and pharmaceutical sectors. Their current range of systems have been developed for the neurosciences, with wider applications in related areas such as pharmacology, biochemistry and biophysics.

Among these products are chambers for slices in interface and submerged recording modes as well as stage mounted versions for slice and cell culture preparations under ambient and

temperature-controlled conditions.  The brain slice keepers would be for pre-incubation of

brain and other tissue slices prior to electrophysiological recording or imaging.

Brain slice keepers and pre-incubators are used to store slices and tissue prior to

electrophysiological recording, imaging or in order to pre-incubate them with dye or

pharmacological agents.  SSD now manufacture a range of keepers from single well, through to mutli-well and even low volume keepers ideal for incubation with expensive drugs, dyes or toxins. Click on the link for more information -

Scientific Systems Design, Inc. develops and manufactures an array of chambers, incubators and brain/tissue slice keepers for a variety of applications including electrophysiology, imaging and pharmacology.  Click here ( for information

on available incubators including Oslo style submerged and interface chambers and

conventional microscope stage mounted chambers.  The range also includes a tissue or

nerve/muscle preparation chamber and a stage chamber that uses semi-permeable membrane to enhance slice viability and extend recording time.  To complement some of the chambers Scientific Systems Design also offers temperature controllers and inline solution heaters to allow experiments to be conducted outside ambient temperature ranges. Contact us for additional information.

brain slice chamber

Digitimer North America can now provide enhanced product and customer support with local

shipping to USA customers from their Ft. Lauderdale, Florida facility. Contact us today for

additional information and/or assistance for any of the products listed above.

If you would like more information, please reach out to Digitimer North America at 954-334-

1070, email at or visit our website at Our

offices are located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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