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Hum Bug Noise Eliminator - Mains Noise Eliminator - Biological Research

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Simplicity of the Digitimer Hum Bug Mains Noise Eliminator:

  • The Hum Bug Noise Eliminator is a real-time device. Simply connect it between your preamplifier and any analysis or recording equipment (oscilloscope etc.).

  • It will automatically eliminate electrical interference while it lets the signal of interest pass through unchanged. No settings or adjustments are required.

  • The front panel switches are only used if you wish to bypass noise cancellation (BYPASS), stop the adaptation process (HOLD), or clear the noise replica (CLEAR).

The Hum Bug Noise Eliminator is the ideal piece of biological research technology, aiding in the removal of mains or line noise (50/60Hz) in signal readings from biological sensors and high impedance devices, without the signal degradation associated with notch filters.

Those of you wanting to remove mains interference from multiple channels can use more than one Hum Bug, can consider using Digitimer's new D400 Two, Four & Eight Channel Main Noise Eliminators for cost-effective mains noise removal in multi-channel recording applications. The D400-2, D400-4 and D400-8 remove mains noise from signals using a similar approach to the Hum Bug, but do so independently for several channels, even making it possible to share a single D400 across multiple rigs.


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