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Peripheral stimulator

Electric stimulator


Biphasic stimulator

Research stimulator

Constant current stimulator

Grass stimulator

Pena stimulator


Pediatric Surgery

Muscle locating stimulator



Spinal cord injury research

Nerve stimulator

EMG amplifier

Russian stimulation

Noise reduction

Noise elimination

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"Digitimer products have an awesome reputation in our community and it gives us great confidence working with quality devices from a trusted company."
- Harvard Medical School 

Digitimer, Ltd. (UK) has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying quality products to medical researchers and practitioners for nearly 50 years. It has an outstanding reputation for providing reliable electronic instrumentation to laboratories, hospitals, and universities throughout the world.


Digitimer North America is the exclusive importer and source of product/customer support for all Digitimer products in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We are eager to serve you.


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DS8R Digitimer Bipolar Constant Contact Stimulator

Human Physiology and Research

DS3 Digitimer Constant Contact Isolated Stimulator

Animal, Tissue, Cellular Research

DS7AP Digitimer Constant Contact Stimulator

Pediatric Surgery

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