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Need to stimulate more than one site with one stimulator? Digitimer D188 RES

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Digitimer has the answer. With the Digitimer D188 RES (Remote Electrode Selector) you can now digitally control which electrode sites get stimulation. Prior, researchers had to rely on (and budget for) multiple stimulators. Suitable for both human and animal research, the D188 allows for up to eight electrode sites to be connected to one stimulator. And to make it even better the D188 can be remotely controlled.

The D188 is supplied with Virtual Front Panel software that allows for manual switching between electrode sites using the click of a mouse using a standard PC an electrical signal of up to 1mA (at 400V). Furthermore, the D188 can be automatically controlled with third party software via a DLL-based API or through the use of TTL compatible digital lines from a DAQ system.

The ease of use and flexibility of the D188 is fast. Near simultaneous stimulation (minimum switch time between electrode sites is ~1ms) is possible of up to eight electrodes sites for many research applications including cognitive behavior, pain, sensory perception and others. The D188 opens up new and exciting opportunities to further advance electrical stimulation research.

A recent article in Pain (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins….March 2021) published by researchers across the globe has incorporated the D188 along with the Digitimer DS8R biphasic and charged-balanced stimulator (also remote controllable) to study the effects that electrical stimulation has on spatial recognition of pain. More information on this remarkable study with interesting results using the D188 (and DS8R) can be found here.

Finally, the D188 RES is compatible with the most common electrodes using the standard DIN 42802 touch proof connectors or even disposable electrodes that use a 2mm female connector using one of Digitimer’s adaptor cable sets. Contact Digitimer North America for more information.

Digitimer D188 RES remote stimulator

Digitimer D188 stimulator

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