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Website Launch for Digitimer North America

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Digitimer North America is excited to launch our new website to enhance our ability to deliver useful information on all Digitimer products to our USA, Canadian, and Mexican customers. Within the website visitors will find such helpful things as product videos, a tutorial on the popular “Pena” muscle locating stimulator, bulleted specifications on all products including the programmable DS8R biphasic high frequency constant current stimulator, a comprehensive guide to Digitimer’s NeuroLog modular research system with detailed descriptions and setup requirements, and much more. We’ve made it easy to request a quotation and ask for additional information. We hope you visit, visit often, and spend time getting the specific information that you need. Digitimer, Ltd. (UK) has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying quality products to medical researchers and practitioners for nearly 50 years. It has an outstanding reputation for providing reliable electronic instrumentation to laboratories, hospitals, and universities throughout the world. "Digitimer products have an awesome reputation in our community and it gives us great confidence working with quality devices from a trusted company."  - Harvard Medical School  Digitimer North America has been exclusively distributing and supporting Digitimer products for over 30 years. In fact, roots between Digitimer North America and Digitimer products go back more than 50 years to when Medical Systems Corporation (Greenvale, NY) sold and supported the Digitimer NeuroLog and D185 systems and other research based products both as a distributor and manufacturer. Medical Systems Corporation evolved into MEPs, LLC, a Ft. Lauderdale based distributor of Digitimer products, and, in November of 2016, MEPs officially changed its name to Digitimer North America, LLC. Today, Digitimer North America is equipped to handle prompt delivery of all Digitimer products, provides timely local support, and is proud to have Digitimer products installed and in use in the top research centers, universities, and hospitals in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. And now, with their new website, Digitimer North America is able to offer on-demand information quickly and easily 24/7. From time to time we will be updating our information and blog with product introductions like the new D400 60Hz noise eliminator, company announcements, and interesting ways that Digitimer products are being used. Check back with us often to stay current on what’s happening at Digitimer.


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